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Bespoke children's Christmas playhouse

Christmas Day in our household was very exciting this year! I have been secretly working on a bespoke under stairs play house for my two daughters. Every night when they have gone to bed we have been painting and constructing it for them, as quietly as we could be, then covering it up in the day time with dust sheets. Christmas Eve we put the finishing touches in place (even a Santa coming down the toy chimney!) and wrapped it up before recovering it in dust sheets ready for Christmas morning. After, they had unwrapped all Santa's presents we invited them upstairs to see their gift and here is the adorable result...

So as you can see, Oliver James Furniture don't just do kitchens but hand make Christmas dreams too!

Here are a few more photos of the project:

Hard at work after bed time in the run up to Christmas. Covering the Christmas surprise with dust sheets. Our daughters didn't even ask us what was under it despite walking past it many times a day!

All wrapped up and ready to go....

The finished under stairs playhouse!

The new owners have moved in!

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