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Faux Reclaimed Pine Bespoke Furniture

Oliver James Furniture were set the task of making some pieces of bespoke furniture from reclaimed scaffolding boards. Although this is possible there are several factors that make using reclaimed timber undesirable.

At a glance one would assume that there would be an endless supply as scaffolding is readily available, however you have to be aware that it is almost impossible to source an endless supply of boards with consistent aesthetics.

The second is Inconsistent size, again you get verylittle control over the size of the boards that you

receive, whether they are square, strait or have large splits.

The third is debris in the boards, concreate, stones, nails & screws will inevitably find their way into the boards over time, even if the merchant claims to have removed such debris the risk of damaging our expensive tools while working with this material is a risk we are not willing to take.

We decided that due to these draw backs we had to take matters into our own hands, we sought to produce faux reclaimed scaffolding boards and we succeeded in doing so. We won’t bore you with the details but here are some images of the process from start to finish.

Oliver James Furniture are makes of fine quality furniture for the home, specialising in bespoke kitchens and handmade bedrooms in London, Surrey and Kent.

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